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Are You an Ordinary Hero image
Real-Life Challenges

Are You an Ordinary Hero?

One of my favorite Rush songs, Nobody's Hero, laments the fact that people who overcome traumatic experiences, discrimination, and other evils are not considered heroes because they are not doing larger-than-life things. Check out the song below if you haven't heard it before! It's worth listening to. Anyway, I have another take on it. I believe that most people, whether…
Maya Angelou quote about change being hard
Real-Life Challenges

Why Change is Hard and How To Do It Anyway

Change is hard. Life coach and author Jack A. Ori explains why and how to overcome the most common obstacles so that you can become the person you most want to be.
For Writers

Three Steps To Writing Characters From the Inside Out

Writers frequently struggle with character building. Here are my techniques for creating characters from the inside out!